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AIRLINE Online Corporate Training

It is well known that the best way to learn is through experience. Many corporate training programs are let down by the fact that only theoretical concepts are taught as it is either too time consuming or expensive to expose participants to real world examples. That is where the use of simulation technology excels.

AIRLINE Online is a web based management training simulation in which participants take on the management of a multi-million dollar business, operating in a realistic and competitive environment. Set in one of the most dynamic and challenging commercial industries, each participant assumes control of an airline company working either on their own or in teams of 2-3, they obtain exposure to a broad range of business management roles and responsibilities which exist universally across all business sectors.

Realistic: The simulation draws on an extensive database of real world financial and industry specific operational data which is constantly updated, allowing real world situations to be simulated and manipulated.

Competitive: Participants either have full control of their airline or work in management teams whereby each team member takes on a specific management role (marketing, finance, procurement, human resources, customer service and so on). Each airline then competes against other individuals or groups competing in the same marketplace. Simulations can be set up with as little as two or three individuals or teams right up to 60 or more teams. There is also the option to include computer generated competition if required.

Further information:

Contact for further information or one of our corporate training partners at right of screen.


Corporate Training Partners

Griffith University

Griffith University is one of our Training Partners for Corporate Training services. Griffith University is a public research university in southeastern Queensland on the east coast of Australia.

Griffith University have considerable experience in the delivery of training using AIRLINE Online and have developed specialised corporate training programs built around the use of simulation technology in a business education environment.

Further information:

Griffith University is able to provide training program notes and staffing resources to fully compliment the simulation and your own training requirements. For further information  about Griffiths services, costs and availability, please contact Gui Lohmann +61 7 3735 7111

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