Corporate Training Benefits

Participants engaging in a Corporate Training Program utilising AIRLINE Online are able to experience, first hand, the complex decision making processes required in the day to day operation of a significant business operation. Exposure to unfamiliar business units, processes and strategies are all possible in the simulated environment, which otherwise would be too costly to facilitate.

Some of the key benefits provided to your organisation through the use of AIRLINE Online include:

Leadership strategy

The competitive nature of the simulated environment encourages participants to think creatively and develop strategic plans which can be immediately implemented, performance reviewed and revised as necessary, allowing the development of new solutions and thinking skills.

Competitor analysis

The detailed financial and performance reporting within AIRLINE Online provides the resources for competitor analysis to be carried out. Participants learn to interpret financial reports and how these can be used to aid strategic decision making.

Demand analysis

AIRLINE Online enables users to analyse demand in a particular market. For the purposes of the simulation, this data will greatly affect the airlines' (team or individual) ability to make a profit and maintain minimum sales rates. The reality however is that users are in fact also learning about the market pressures, threats and other factors in which their customer or own business is operating.

Product positioning

Using demand information, participants must effectively position their product offering in the market. What level of service and product quality will best suit their market?

Customer appreciation

Staff throughout the organisation learn the importance of developing a greater appreciation of the customer base of other departments including the job role of their peers.

Often organisations tell us that their staff are not really fully aware of their customers needs. By running AIRLINE Online throughout the organisation, your staff learn how to identify the needs of their customers, which in turn leads to them dealing with customers with greater empathy and understanding.

Focus on individual and overall drivers

AIRLINE Online allows participants to focus on the detail or the big picture. By running AIRLINE Online as a group, branch or regional activity, not only do participants relate to the drivers and issues facing their customers, they will begin to appreciate the scope of their peers' work roles, abilities and natural attributes.

Staff Bonding

Staff participating in an AIRLINE Online simulation develop an almost immediate sense of camaraderie and team spirit. The challenge presented by AIRLINE Online enables individuals to demonstrate their skill set to their fellow players and to assist other staff in learning about the challenges facing their business. By working through issues together, a sense of pride and achievement at running a successful airline ensues.

AIRLINE Online is not just a structured training tool; it is also perfect for the ongoing professional development of staff - building staff awareness of their customers and creating empathy and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of their peers.

Customisable Scenarios

One of the great strengths of AIRLINE Online, and which separates it from other business simulations, is its ability to be customised to meet your individual training requirements. The scope of each simulation can be as broad or narrow as needed and include consideration of some or all of the following key management areas:

  • Business strategy and planning
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Customer service
  • Market research and product development
  • Finance
  • Product positioning and pricing
  • Revenue and yield management
  • Competitor analysis and tracking
  • Staffing and human resources

We draw on a wealth of experience in providing full assistance during the set up of your scenario, to ensure that the maximum educational benefits are provided to your participants.

Measure success

The success of a company can be measured in many ways. AIRLINE Online recognises this and allows you to measure your success on an almost limitless range of factors. Some of the most commonly used are:

  • Profit and improvements in profit over time
  • Market capitalisation
  • Market share
  • Volume of product sold
  • Individual product profitability
  • Share vale
  • Customer approval rating

Participants analyse their results over time and use this information to make informed business decisions with the aim of improving the performance of their company.

AIRLINE Online makes an ideal training tool for virtually all business units of your organisation whether it be accounts and finance, sales, customer service, production, purchasing and procurement and so on. The degree of customisation makes it a perfect fit for sales staff to executive management teams.

View some example benefits of incorporating AIRLINE Online into your training program.

Further information:

Contact us for a 5 minute self-guided online demonstration, or alternatively we are happy to organise an over-the-phone walk through of AIRLINE Online.

Simulate is able to provide training program notes and staffing resources to fully compliment the simulation and your own training requirements. For further information about our corporate training programs, costs and availability, please contact us.

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