Reviews & Publications

AIRLINE Online is a training tool used across many industries and sectors. From International Airlines, Global Corporations, through MBA, University and High School programs, the following independent reviews or publications provide an insight into how our online business simulations are used in a variety of real world training applications.


Nick Corrie, Florian Heinitz and Frank Zimmermann (2011). Using an Airline Business Simulation in Undergraduate Air Transport Classes. Germany.  FH Erfurt University of Applied Sciences. (View Publication)

Rick Adams (2008). The Journal for Civil Aviation Training. London: Halldale Media. (View Article)  Today@SWA (2009). A daily newsletter for Southwest Airlines Employees. Arizona (View Publication)


"This class is unique because it's fun and interesting for management students and pro pilots. It's more than just coming to class and listening to a lecture. The students can actually discuss issues in class, go to work on this online simulation, and apply the information they learn. Not only are they required to purchase aircraft, they have to configure these aircraft as far as how many seats they have, how many clases of service, and how much space there is in between each seat. Theyt have to place airctraft on toutes and decide what cities to server based on demand, plan their fleets, and schedule aircraft for maintenance. It can be a lot of work, but the students really get into it."

Dr. Daniel Prather (2009). Communicator - Flying the Virtual Skies. Tennessee: Middle Tennessee State University. (View Publication)




  Laurie Garrow (2010). Software used in Module in Undergraduate Airports Class at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

  (View Publication)




High School:

Meltem Alemdar, PhD (2010). BEAT the Traffic Evaluation Report. Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, & Computing (CEISMC) Georgia Institute of Technology (View Publication).


Cecily Blake (2010). Year 6 at Stromlo High School Middle Years of Schooling Association (MYSA) - Term 1 Newsletter   (Page 4) (View Publication) 

The Editor (2009). City North News - Contest up in air (Thursday Jan 5 Edition Page 14) Brisbane: News Limited Newspapers (View Publication)

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