Key Management Decisions

The key management decisions simulated in AIRLINE Online relate to:

Human Resources:

  • Matching the number and skills of employees to the size and activities of the company
  • Salaries and employee related expenses


  • Fund raising through stock market, loans and bonds
  • Start up costs: purchasing plant, equipment, infrastructure, wages etc.

Stock market:

  • Function
  • Buying and selling shares
  • Market capitalisation


  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Appraising the effectiveness of marketing strategies


  • Locating and purchasing aircraft
  • Aircraft costs
  • Delivery lead times
  • Efficiencies of scale

Industrial relations:

  • Employees and unions
  • Reasonable wages
  • Acceptable working conditions

Tactics and Strategy:

  • Positioning yourself in the market
  • Differentiating your product from that of the competition
  • Increasing your profit and/or market share
  • The effects of code sharing through to collusion

Business Analysis:

  • Making sense of financial and performance data
  • Using current financial reports to your advantage


  • Decision making as part of a management team
  • Effective delegation
  • Consequences of decisions on other departments within the organisation
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