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AIRLINE Online simulates the planning, establishment and operation of an airline, providing a fascinating and realistic model, highly engaging for participants. Our applications offer a rich, interactive learning experience. 

AIRPORT Online is a business simulation and also a forecasting tool for the operation of an airport(s). The application allows for the short term daily/weekly/monthly operational issues and also the long term planning required to manage and expand an airport into the future.

The context of Airline & Airport Management provides a complex environment in which participants make collaborative decisions, analyse and interpret performance data and evaluate outcomes. AIRPORT Online and AIRLINE Online are the ultimate platform on which to develop strategic business skills. 

Plan - Implement - Review - Experience


AIRPORT Online is an online multi user application to simulate and forecast the operations of an international or domestic airport. Airport operations are an extremely complex and multi faceted business. An airport operator must focus not only on the short term daily operations but also on the long term planning. AIRPORT Online enables users to operate in two timeframes providing participants experience in all facets of airport management.


When it comes to learning business management skills, one of the best teachers is experience. The most effective way to expose students to the pressures and practices behind business making decisions is to simulate the corporate environment as realistically as possible. AIRLINE Online is a management simulation based around the planning, establishment and operation of an airline.    

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Simulate news

SimulateExisting users are invited to participate in the AIRPORT Online trial.

3 months ago

    SimulateWelcome to 2017 and the rollout of AIRPORT Online and the advanced demand calculations in AO.

    3 months ago

      SimulateWorking on the final touches to AIRPORT Online and preparations for the Conference and Workshop.


        SimulateFinal AO Tournament Update runs today... Winners will be published next week!


          SimulateNew look and feel to AIRLINE Online being released next week.


            SimulateThe latest release of AIRLINE Online allows the administrator to load their own demand data which opens a
            range of new opportunities for use of the simulation. Users are able to load real world data and create more
            analytical "what if" scenarios.


              SimulateWe're all busy working on the agenda for the 2016 Simulate Conference and Workshop in Omaha.

              If you have any requests for session topics, please email us and let us know your suggestions. Many of our users will be in town for the UAA Fall conference and we're expecting users from all over the planet to attend this year.

              This will be the first of our annual event to feature AIRPORT Online and we're all very excited.


                SimulateQuick Start Guide for Participants now available in the user portal.


                  SimulateUpdated users guides now available. If you do not yet have your log in details for our users portal please contact support.


                    SimulateOmaha Conference Update - Details of our 2016 AIRPORT and AIRLINE Online workshop and conference now available now. Click on the Omaha link above!


                      SimulateAIRPORT Online

                      AIRPORT Online rollout commences in July! Special offers and bundle pricing now available.


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